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Milky Cocoa Coated Nougat Bar

Chocolate Cocoa Coated Nougat Bar

Banana Cocoa Coated Nougat Bar

Aldiva Chocolate Milky Bar

Pickled Cucumber

Pickled Hot Peppers

Green Olives

Lupin Beans

Stuffed Egg Plant

Red Chilli Paste

Lemon Juice

Luxens Pistachio Chocolate

Luxens Milk Chocolate

Luxens Hazelnut Chocolate

Luxens Dark Chocolate

Cocoa-Coated Cocoa Cream-Filled Cake

Banana Cocoa Cream-Filled Cake

Cocoa-Coated Cream-Filled Cake

Luxens Dark Chocolate

Swiss Roll White Cream Cocoa Cake

Swiss Roll Milk Cream Filling

Swiss Roll Strawberry Cream Filling

Cocoa-Coated Cocoa Cream-Filled Donut

Yasmin Mamoul with Date and Oats In Packet

Yasmin Mamoul with Date and Flour In Packet

Yasmin Mamoul with Date and Flour In Packet

Yasmin Mamoul with Date and Oats In Packet

Cinnamon Chewing Gum

Coolmint Chewing Gum

Peppermint Chewing Gum

Spearmint Chewing Gum

Mastic Chewing Gum

Licorice Flavor Chewing Gum

Candy Coated Chewing Gum

Cinammon Flavour Chewing Gum

Dragees Coffee Flavour

Dragees Fruits Flavour

Dragees Strawberry Flavour

Dragees Watermelon Flavour

Mixed Snacks

Coated Peanuts Chilli Flavour

Coated Peanuts Corn Flavour

Coated Peanuts Corn Flavour





Dates Syrup


Kofta Spices



Cherry Jelly

Mango Jelly

Red Cherry Jelly

Soft Freekeh

White Oats

Bread Crumbs

Fava Beans

Coconut Slice

Date Filled Cookies


Pistachio cookies

Date Cookies

Wheat Cookies

Chocolate Cookies

Nuts Bar

Almond Candy

Fruit Candy

Cocoa Candy

Mixed Snacks

Roasted Corn

Coated peanuts

Coated Peanuts

Candied Chickpeas

Rose Water

Flower Water

Wholesaler and distributor of Shahbander Snacks in calgary, canada

Coated Peanute Chilli BBQ Falvor

Small Packet Chips

BBQ Flavor Chips

Hot Chilli Chips

BBQ Honey Flavor Chips

Ketchup Flavor Chips

Chilli Lemon Flavor Chips

Salt Vinegar Flavor Chips

Sahlab Powder

Soft Burgul